British Values statement

Blue Gate Fields Junior School takes a holistic approach to the teaching of British values. We believe that British values are not easily ‘taught’. Instead they are lived through the culture, ethos and values of our school. We aim to nurture our children so that they can grow into safe, caring, democratic and responsible adults who make a positive difference to British society and to the world. We encourage our children to be open-minded, critical thinking, creative, unique and independent individuals, respectful of themselves and of others in the school, our local community and the wider world. Our school is built on an ethos of mutual respect.

Our curriculum provides many opportunities to discuss and promote values, in particular through SMSC and PHSCE. We enjoy assemblies that address issues that are relevant to all pupils and are character building. Our aim is for British values to permeate throughout the school and become embedded in all that we do.

At Blue Gate Fields Junior School, pupils develop a world-view that reflects the true diversity of Britain and the world we live in. By ensuring that our curriculum is carefully and purposefully designed to promote diverse and accurate narratives, pupils foster an understanding of the varied identities and experiences that encompass the global human experience.

The principle of visibility and promotion of diverse narratives is woven through our curriculum, supporting pupils to develop a deep and nuanced understanding of different cultures and identities.

Pupils are provided with windows and mirrors: pupils are given windows into the differing experiences of other people in order to foster tolerance and understanding, but are also provided with learning opportunities that mirror their own lives and experiences in order to receive the message that they and their identities are valued and seen as part of the larger human experience (after Rudine Sims Bishop).

By seeing their own experiences and the experiences of many others valued, pupils are provided with a curriculum that develops their sense of belonging. They are able to build confidence and self-belief in themselves and in particular their ability and responsibility to ensure a fairer and more equal world- to invest in their communities as local, national and global citizens.

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