At Blue Gate Fields Junior School we teach pupils to become confident and curious historians, who develop a deep understanding of key historical concepts and skills.
Our bespoke humanities curriculum gives our children the opportunity to learn about different countries, cultures and communities globally and historically, encouraging them to explore the similarities and differences with their own lives. 
History and Geography are taught as discrete subjects so that pupils are clear about the subject-specific knowledge, skills and understanding that they are developing.
History learning at Blue Gate Fields Junior School promotes a curiosity about the world, the people who have lived on it and how things have evolved through time. 
​We believe that it is in studying and understanding life and events in the past that our children can come to an understanding of life in the present and what we may be preparing for in the future.  The study of history is more than the learning of discrete facts; it is also the understanding of the underlying reasons for events and developments, and applying this understanding to the improving of life as we live it.

Our history curriculum is carefully designed to develop pupils’ historical knowledge across local, national and global contexts and to promote the accurate histories of a variety of diverse peoples. The curriculum is structured around deepening pupils’ understanding of historical concepts, including different forms of governance, migration and impact of geographical contexts.
Through studying history, children can be equipped with the skills to ask questions, think critically and develop their own opinions based on evidence.History learning is enriched at our school through the use of a variety of resources, both physical and online.  The children gain invaluable knowledge of their topics through educational visits to museums and develop their understanding of subjects through drama and art.
Our bespoke plans are supported by drawing upon the subject knowledge and planning from the Historical Association,  museum educator resources and consultant support. Units are planned to ensure National curriculum coverage; attention is paid to prior learning from all year groups including Key stage 1 experiences. 

Documents to detail more about what we do, and why we do it:

History Concepts Overview
History and Geography Overview
History Concept Progression – Governance
History Concept Progression – Migration
History Concept Progression- Continuity and Change
History Concept Progression – Worship and beliefs
History Concept Progression- Systems of communicating and recording
History Concept Progression- Society
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