Provision for our most able or talented pupils

All pupils at Blue Gate Fields Junior School are entitled to a structured, balanced and challenging curriculum that is suited to their needs and their aspirations. Providing enriching learning experiences for all our pupils is vital and this includes specific provision for the most able. We believe that the development of provision for gifted, talented and most able pupils will improve provision for pupils of all abilities. 

We aim to:

  • Recognise and support the abilities, personal qualities and talents of all pupils;
  • Promote a sense of enjoyment and excitement in learning and a culture of high expectations for all pupils;
  • Ensure that all children receive an education appropriate to their abilities;
  • Provide challenge for all, including the most able, employing a range of teaching methods which encourage pupils to take responsibility for their own learning;
  • Develop a recognition and awareness of talented and most able pupils and their individual strengths;
  • Ensure that all teachers share responsibility for the monitoring of pupils, including the most able;
  • Recognise under-achievement and seek to remove barriers to learning;
  • Provide opportunities for all pupils to develop their strengths through high quality extra-curricular activities and curriculum enrichment, including specific provision for gifted, talented and able pupils;
  • Consider the personal, social and emotional needs of all pupils, including those of our most able;
  • Work in partnership with parents to maximise the opportunities for pupils to reach their potential;
  • Celebrate the achievements of all pupils.
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