Music contributes to our provision of a broad and balanced curriculum. It offers experiences beyond the realm of popular music culture to expand ideas about what music is and how it can be enjoyed.

Pupils are taught a progression of musical instruments throughout key stage 2, learning technical skills in singing, body percussion, djembe/percussion, dance, glockenspiel, xylophone and ukulele with opportunities to develop these skills creatively to improvise, composing and perform. They learn to appraise and build evaluative skills, which support pupils to make informed musical choices.

For our pupils, in this school context, music is often not enjoyed at home, and our curriculum offers pupils opportunities to benefit from a music education which might otherwise not be available. A muscle memory template is created that gives students a basis for further instrumental learning in secondary school or later in life. In addition to musical skills, group work and performance skills are developed in a way that is unique to music. Early access to these opportunities can take away the fear from instrumental learning in later life.

Documents to detail more about what we do, and why we do it:

Music Policy
Music Curriculum Overview
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