The School Day

Breakfast Club

The school day begins with welcoming children to Breakfast Club. On Friday it is Family Breakfast Club and all are welcome.

We want every child at Blue Gate Fields Junior School to have a healthy and happy start to their school day so that they can make the most of their learning.
Breakfast Club is free and open to all children and their families and we want everyone to come! Please arrive any time between 8.00am and 8.45 and choose from a variety of cereals, bagels and juice.

Blue Gate Fields Junior School is supported by Magic Breakfast.
We are very proud to be an ambassador school for Magic Breakfast, helping them to promote the message, ‘No child too hungry to learn’.

The morning

Before school begins, parents are encouraged to come in for a chat, or share a concern.

Registration is at 9:00 and the registers are closed by 9:10.  It is essential that all children are registered, and so if they are late, they must let the office, or their teacher know that they have arrived.

Lessons begin at 9:30, after the registration time when children will be involved in reading activities, See Think Wonder time, spelling, or interventions such as Talk4Number or Growth Mindset.

There are two lessons before break time at 11:20. 

There is another lesson before lunchtime, which begins at 12:30.


During lunchtime, the senior leadership team are all available to the children, either in the playground, or in the dinner hall, which is staffed by Sian and Jo.

This is a good opportunity to catch up for a social chat, to solve a problem, or to share some lunch together. 

Lunch Time Chit-Chat

Every day, we have a new word to learn and use! Lunch time is a sociable occasion where good food is eaten and good conversation had. We share a joke and can even practise speaking Spanish!

School Meals

We do our best to give our children a healthy, varied and interesting diet. School lunch has both hot and cold options of healthy, nutritious and tasty meat and vegetable options. We cater for vegetarian and special diets (halal and allergies). The menu is regularly changed and we encourage children to try different flavours! There may occasionally be changes to the published menu.
​Our children are encouraged to drink water throughout the day. Children should not bring sweets, chewing gum, fizzy drinks or crisps to school. 

The afternoon

Afternoon lessons begin again at 1:30, with registration and class novel time.

The school day ends at 3:15 when Sian, and Jo are at the gate to say goodbye!
We are always available at the end of the day, if parents have a worry.

The total number of hours that the school is open for learning is 31 hours and 15 minutes a week. 
After School Clubs and Activities

After school clubs are available every day of the week. 

Please come and talk to Margaret, or Shahana in the office for more information.

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