Arts Council Meeting 19th September 2023

Topic: Sketching and Drawing
Rayyan, Victoria, Thasin, Alisha, Zakira, Junaed, Simrah, Zeshan, Amira

We looked at a portrait drawing by Lucian Freud of his son Ali; pen drawings called Desert, City, and Hedge, by Phyllida Barlow; two very quick plant drawings by Ellsworth Kelly, called Water-Lily and Grass; Lifeboat, by Victor Pasmore and Harvesting Wheat in the Field, by Van Gogh.

Scribe: Rayyan, Director, Alisha

Rayyan, Thasin and Taseen all mentioned the many little scratchy lines on the face of Ali, but thick darker lines too.
Junaed noticed that Desert showed how dry and baking hot it looked, even the  plants had crinkled up. Victoria and Zakira agreed: it looked crunchy and crispy because of the thin, sharp lines the artist has used.
Zakira saw buildings all close together, seen from above, in City.
“You can see the lines of the plants, like in a garden. Where the white lines are, that’s the paths”, said Thasin and Rayyan.
In Van Gogh’s “Harvesting” Yaseen said: “I can see a city at the back of the drawing, behind where the people are working in the fields. There is a lot going on”
Taseen: “The artist has used thin lines for Water Lily – is it one line or two? Its two! …and thicker pen and brush lines for Grass (by Ellsworth Kelly).

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