Arts Council Meeting 26th September 2023

Topic: Working from our Imagination  Scribe: Simrah

We asked each other where our ideas come from: memories, dreams, thoughts, things we see and hear, things we like or find strange…and we looked at:

Paris Through the Window,  and Promenade, by Marc Chagall
Joseph’s Dream, and Carlo Crivelli’s Garden, by Paula Rego
Footprints, Double Self-Portrait with Bowler Hat, The Underground, and In the Street by Jean Dubuffet

After he’d done his double self-portrait Dubuffet kept putting himself in his paintings in a hat in the underground, and all the ladies wore hats too. They were very brightly-coloured, not very realistic. It was an imaginative piece. He had a moustache and was smiling. In Chagall’s painting we could see the Eiffel Tower through the window, with a man up there in the air. There is a yellow cat but it has a human face.  A man at the front is looking forwards and backwards at the same time, and he has a blue hand.
In Promenade the buildings behind him and his wife are dark green and purple.  He’s holding his wife’s hand but she’s way up in the air.

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