Author name: Marion Reilly

Let there be light!

In Science today, we were given a battery, wires and a bulb.  Our aim was to make the bulb light up.  We found this challenging but we used our growth mindset and eventually the bulb lit up!  Take a look at what we did. We found out that the bulb will only light up if

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Gary Northfield at BGFJ

What a great morning we had with the author-illustrator-cartoonist Gary Northfield! Gary told us of his childhood love of comics, cartoons and drawing, and explained how that lead to him becoming  an award-winning, bestselling author and illustrator of children’s books and comics.  Gary read to us from his new book (and series) ‘Leif the Unlucky Viking’,

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DT with Tony- Moving toys!

The year 3s were working hard with their linkage and lever mechanisms. In the beginning, the children designed their moving toys, deciding which animals they would have. They then learnt many new skills with our specialist DT teacher, Tony. Last but not least, they decorated their Savannah backdrop and attached their chosen animals to the

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Art in Class 5

Class 5 have been observing their hands using magnifying glasses in order to draw their hand in detail. They then added some beans to their hand to see how they looked when they were holding something.

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